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kirúgták a moyest

pezsgő, örömtánc! 

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This Guy Is Trying to Collect Every Single Copy of the Movie ‘Speed’ on VHS

Ryan Beitz owns over 500 copies of the movie Speed on VHS. He also owns 26 laser discs of the film, but those aren’t part of the collection. He just holds onto them so he can use them as bargaining chips to get more on VHS. His goal is a simple one: To collect every copy of Speed on VHS ever made. His other goal? To trick out his 15-passenger van to look just like the bus in the movie.

In order to see the World Speed Project in action, I decided to visit him at his current residence in Moscow, Idaho, where he has scattered all his copies of Speed throughout the van in anticipation of my arrival, and lined the ceiling with them. As we talk, he drives me and a handful of his friends out through the woods via a restricted-access sheep farm on his college campus. As he drives, copies of Speed periodically fall from the ceiling onto the floor.

VICE: Are we allowed to be back here?
Ryan Beitz: Yeah, whatever. The signs just say “No Public Access.” We got official business. I don’t have car insurance now, but that’s OK because I only drive the van around for show. We’re going like 35, and I feel like we’re being respectful. We’re not trying to scare the sheep or like, steal them. Although we could put a sheep in here.

Why don’t you tell me what got you started collecting the Speeds?
I lived in Seattle and was super broke, and I had to come up with Christmas presents for my family. Usually I would just, like, dumpster-dive books or something and give them to them, but when I was at the pawn shop they had six copies of Speed, and I thought it would be really funny to get everybody in my family the same gift, even me. I wanted to watch them open them one at a time and go, “Oh, Speed. Don’t we already have this?” Somebody else would go, “Oh, Speed. Really funny, Ryan.” Then by the time you went around, everybody would have gotten the same gift from me. Then I could tell them that I love them all equally, you know? Just some bullshit.

Then when I bought all six it was, like, way too good. I realized it was really fascinating to have that many, like, same copies of a thing. What really cemented it was when I went to another pawn shop, and they had, like, 30 copies. I said, “I’ll take them all.” They sold them to me for 11 cents a copy.

How many copies do you have right now?
I don’t know, like 550 or something. I haven’t counted in a while ‘cause who really cares?

And you’re going to collect them all.
Yeah. People always go, “Dude how many of these things are you going to get?” And I’m like, “All of them, duh.”


kibaszott hősöm!!!+%

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az oxfordi interneten kissé szétesett a címlap

ma is hozzátettem valami a világhoz! 

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Is Thomas Piketty Misreading Balzac? | Urbanization Project

Though I’m convinced that Piketty has misread Balzac’s characters, a lot will be forgiven if he has managed to create a new genre in economic writing. Thanks to his breakthrough work, we may soon see references to Henry James, Thomas Hardy, and Marcel Proust mingling with differential equations in major economic writing.

kritikáról kritikára jobban szórakoztat, ami ekörül a könyv körül forog 

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Coleho végre lájkolta a Müller Péter idézetet, amit trollkodásból posztoltam a facebookjára két éve. Azt hiszem sikerült majdnem mindent elérni az életben, amit szerettem volna. És nektek hogy telt a húsvét?


Coleho végre lájkolta a Müller Péter idézetet, amit trollkodásból posztoltam a facebookjára két éve. Azt hiszem sikerült majdnem mindent elérni az életben, amit szerettem volna. És nektek hogy telt a húsvét?

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mi a kibaszott kurva életért megy fel-le egy ‘ki mint vet, úgy arat’ felírat a felcsút honlapján. tényleg, miért??? egyáltalán nem értem ://////

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legjobb pápakép, valaha 

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még a hét közepén próbáltam minmálba összefoglalni, hogy miez a nyugati piketty-mánia, mára már épp elfelejtettem volna az egészet, erre szembejött két kicsit váratlan megosztás

vagyhát persze nem váratlan, csak vicces

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nagyon pörög a szombat este, az imént elő akartam keresni azt a szöveghelyet, amikor foucault a szavak és a dolgok előszavában borgest idézi, aki pedig egy fiktív kínai enciklopédia állatok kategorizálását összefoglaló szócikkét írja le

na és vajon erre mi az első találat a google-ban? persze hogy g fodor gábor 2006-os dolgozata, kínai enciklopédia a kormányzáshoz céllal. 

saját farkába harapó dolgok ezek